"Who Else Wants To Learn How To Make A Boatload Of Cash In Real Estate In A Down Economy Using Very Little Of Your Own Money?"

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur:

I know that after reading the opening headline you're probably a little skeptical? You're probably thinking "come on man, can you really make money in real estate using very little of your own money?" You're probably saying to yourself "Doesn't it take money to make money?"

Trust me, I understand your skepticism but the cold hard facts are the majority of the people who are millionaires today became rich as a result of investing and profiting from real estate. And the bottom line is a lot of those individuals started from scratch having very little, essentially going from rags to riches and realizing the American dream.

I know that when most people think about "real estate investing" they think about it and view it in the conventional way. The conventional way is this: You see a house that you like, you make an offer to the seller close to the retail price that they are asking and then you go down to the bank and "suck up" to some banker and give your arms, legs, fingernails and five points of blood to obtain a loan to buy the house.

Once you have made your grand purchase, you have the intentions of sitting on that house for a few years hoping that it will appreciate enough in value so that you can eventually sell it for a higher price than what you paid for it.

Honestly, is this your view of real estate investing and how to make money in real estate? Do you follow this conventional wisdom? Because you know what they say about conventional wisdom, it is usually wrong!

Quick Turn Real Estate Investing Shatters Conventional Wisdom

You see the way that I invest in real estate and the way that I teach my students to invest in real estate has nothing to do with ever having to go to a bank to get a loan to buy a piece of property.

Quite frankly, that way of doing business is just plain too risky because when you take a loan from the bank, you take on recourse debt which means if you fail to pay back the loan the bank can come after you and will come after you for everything you got because you agreed to that when you signed on the dotted line for the loan.

In addition, with the way the state of the economy is presently in right now those zero down, 100% financing offers from lenders are a thing of the past and are never coming back. So what does that mean if you're looking to invest in real estate the conventional way?

It means that the bank requirements have drastically changed. Number one you must have excellent and pristine credit and number two you must have the ability to put down a substantial down payment to get financing.

In the world of creative real estate investing, I teach that writing a big check for real estate is a big no no because as soon as you write that big check to invest in some real estate you immediately put yourself at risk of losing that money entirely.

The type of creative real estate investing strategies that I successfully use and teach my students to use involves:

Little or no risk

Doesn't matter if your credit is good, bad, fair or ugly

Requires very little money to get started
(just a few measly bucks for binder deposits and you are in business)

And finally you don't take on recourse debt. In fact, the type of debt you will be managing is the seller's debt or mortgage not your own.

There is very little risk in doing business this way because it involves you making money from managing non-recourse debt which simply means when you dot your I's and cross your T's and you do the business the way I teach you, you will be able to consistently profit from real estate in a safe, honest and ethical way by providing creative solutions to sellers.

The bottom line is you will never have to worry about someone successfully coming after you because you won't be making promises to sellers that you can't keep.

So what is this unique and unconventional way of investing in real estate with little risk and quick profits called? It is referred to as quick turn real estate investing. Quick turn real estate investing is a method of doing business that relies of creativity, fast closing and large numbers of deals to create a steady, consistent and massive income.

Quick Turn Real Estate Investing is not about:

Investing your own capital into properties for a return on investment

Borrowing money to buy properties

Buying properties and hoping that they go up in value like stocks so that you can benefit
from appreciation gains

Pulling a fast one on sellers and buyers so that you profit in an unethical way

Quick Turn Real Estate Investing is about

Doing deals creatively by finding solutions to sellers problems without risking your own capital or guaranteeing any loans.

Profiting from controlling properties and participating as a principal in transactions without necessarily taking ownership or taking ownership for a short a time as is necessary to transfer the property to the end user.

Closing lots of deals very quickly and generating massive income in a relatively short period of time.

This is why you should become a real estate investor who specializes in quickly turning real estate for fast profits!

There are many advantages to you as quick turn real estate investor and here are a few of the more notable ones:

With the right toolbox of techniques you can make workable offers to nearly any seller in almost any situation that will satisfy the seller's needs and allow you to make a profit. This allows you to maximize the number of deals you can do because you have a solution custom tailored to the needs of every client.

Deals are opened and closed quickly with no long- term entanglements. You either get in and get out upfront with your profit or you profit upfront then maintain risk free control of the property for a period of time while receiving residual income from it, eventually receiving a large back-end profit when the property is finally sold to an end buyer.

You can mold your business into an automated system that fits around your lifestyle to create passive continuing income without the risk and liabilities of owning rental properties.

You can create a quick turn real estate investing business from scratch. Bootstrapping from your own time and energy with just a few important pieces of technology that are readily available to anyone.

There is no need to stock inventory, rent an office or borrow money to start this business.

These are the nuts and bolts of quick turn real estate investing that can make you rich!

Here are the easy to apply creative real estate investing strategies and techniques that you will be employing as a quick turn real estate investor.

This means that you get properties directly from the source, motivated sellers and sell them at wholesale prices to cash investors. This business is driven by bargains so the key is deep discounts for cash purchases. Get the property under contract assign or double close it, collect your paycheck and go on to the next one is the name of the game.

This business is driven mainly by a strong buyers list of cash investors looking for rehabs or rental properties, good negotiation and networking skills and not much else.

Retailing– This technique involves locating and rehabbing bargain-priced properties and selling them to homebuyers.

Getting the deed/"subject to" –
This involves taking control of pretty houses in good condition by taking over existing debt or taking advantage of owner-carry financing. You will be dealing with nice houses in nice areas.

Lease options/straight options –
This involves taking control of pretty houses in good condition by acquiring an option with a right to re-sell, with or without acquiring a lease with a right to sub-lease. You will be dealing with nice houses, the nicer and higher-priced the better.

In my home study course entitled "Secrets To Making Big Money In Real Estate With Little Cash and No Credit" I cover in detail and reveal the secrets of using these four basic creative real estate investing strategies. There is no guesswork involved on your part because I hold you by the hand and show you the way.

You will learn:

How to make a boatload of cash with Lease Options/Straight Options

How to make a boatload of cash Wholesaling real estate

How to make a boatload of cash rehabbing real estate

How to make a boatload of cash using Selling Financing

How to make a boatload of cash taking over properties "subject to"

How to negotiate and make offers to sellers

How to generate leads for your real estate business

How to overcome seller's objections

How to fill out contracts step by step

How to control properties for as little as $100

Plus you will learn how to generate an insane amount from doing short sales.

What is a short sale? A Short Sale is a sale of a mortgaged property where the lender accepts less than the balance of the loan. This happens when the loan is in default and the property is scheduled for foreclosure. As a real estate investor you make money when you are able to discount the loan, buy the property at a substantial discount and then sell it for its actual value.

Doing a Short Sale is an easy strategy to execute if you have the right information and know the secrets of getting the lender to discount the loans. In my home study course "Secrets To Making Big Money In Real Estate With Little Cash And No Credit" I give you the information that you need and I reveal the secrets that will enable you to make $30,000-$80,000 per Short Sale deal.

You will learn:

A step-by-step system that shows you how to execute a short sale from beginning to end

How to legally rob banks for sums of $30,000, $40,000 and even $80,000

How to find deals

How to smoothly work with sellers during the pre-foreclosure process

How to structure agreements and fill out the necessary paperwork to get your short sale deal accepted

And much much more....

So don't wait, hesitate, or procrastinate! It's time for you to make your
real estate fortune now!

But to make your fortune, you first need to learn the strategies and the secrets of wholesaling, retailing, lease options/options, getting the deed "subject to" and short sales. You have to know how to target properties, find motivated sellers, craft offers and get them accepted.

In my amazing home study course "Secrets To Making Big Money In Real Estate With Little Cash And No Credit" you will learn those money making strategies as well as have complete access to those jealously guarded secrets that will have you peeing money in no time.

This is what you will receive:

1 Thick Manual
7 Audio CD's
1 forms Cd

Plus 3 Amazing KICK ASS Bonuses

Amazing Kick Ass Bonus #1

The Importance of Asset Protection (CD)

As a real estate entrepreneur you must have a bullet proof asset protection strategy in place because at any time you can get sued through no fault of your own.Opportunists make careers out of filing lawsuits, knowing that the expense of defending against these attacks is so high, a settlement will likely be offered. Predator plaintiffs filed more than 30 Million new lawsuits last year and the numbers are expected to grow this year! This cd highlights what forms of asset protection you should utilize to safeguard your assets.

Amazing Kick Ass Bonus #2

How To Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs (CD)

This amazing 1 hour audio cd teaches you how to overcome any self-limiting beliefs you may have that might get in the way of you becoming a super successful real estate investor.So what are self limiting beliefs? Self-limiting beliefs are those things you believe about yourself that place limitations on your abilities. They may be conscious or unconscious. They may be founded or unfounded.

Amazing Kick Ass Bonus #3

593 Business Letters (on Cd-rom)

593 Business Letters on CD-ROM.A MUST-HAVE REFERENCE LIBRARY! It is a pre-written collection of ALL the business letters you will ever need to write. This amazing CD-ROM makes it easy for you to “say what you need to say” at all business levels. Forget about trying to find the words, with the “593 Business Letters” CD-ROM, you can focus on profits and NOT paperwork.

Your business letter writing nightmares are just a few keystrokes away! Everything from promotional letters to lease agreements; bills of sale to employment contracts; credit and collections to copyrights and counseling and much more.

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"Your course contains Killer Strategies"

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"Your easy to use forms that you provided along with the set of instructions that you gave was more than enough"

"Omar, I thought would have trouble filling out a contract with a seller, your easy to use forms that you provided along with the set of instructions that you gave was more than enough. I even took the example already filled out purchase and sale agreement along with me when I met with a seller and I just followed what was in it."

Jill Smith Portland, Maine

So What's The Price For This Amazing Resource?

Simply put this home study course on creative real estate investing strategies is a "must have" more than worthy investment that will fatten your bank account many times over. Just on that alone I could charge an arm and leg for this information but I decided to give it you for only $497 (plus $19.99 shipping and handling) which is an absolute bargain.And top it off you are protected by my No B.S. guarantee which is:

I guarantee that this course contains everything that I say it does or I will refund your money back.

So there's no way that you can lose. In fact, I will personally make myself available to answer any and all questions that you might have in regards to the information that you will be receiving. Here is my telephone # I can be reached at(917)406-3549.

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